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Are you taking that step away from academia and ready to move into a non-academic role but unsure on how to convert you CV/resume?

You may be facing challenges such as..

    • The length of time you have been out of the non-academic job market
    • Feeling overwhelmed and not knowing where to begin
    • Being out of touch with current systems that scan CVs/resumes: ATS
    • Not understanding the lingo and jargon of the industry into which you wish to pivot
    • Translating your skills

These 7 strategies you need to use to ensure you get an interview in the new job market of you choice are…

    • Reclaiming your time – You need to invest time in your new career – creating a good non-academic CV or resume takes time and effort.
    • Knowing your worth – Find your confidence so you can be the badass energy behind the badass CV or resume. Use your free time to discover things you like to do!
    • Using effective methods – There are methods that are specific to the non-academic world and you can learn to perfect them. For example, start a resume or non-academic CV from scratch in a new Word document. When people say “translate your CV”, that’s a misnomer and what they mean is “feel the pain of neglecting 15+ pages and write from scratch using keywords and verbs”.
    • Focusing on your skills – Get familiar with the tasks you do in your job and why they’re valuable in industry. You can even plug your current job title into ChatGPT and get a job description so you can use some of those in your resume or non-academic CV. I recently did this for a client, plugging in the “Senior Lab Technician” role.
    • Showcasing your strengths – Make your CV/ resume stand out by knowing your unique special sauce! Ask your colleagues, friends, family about your strengths and what you’re known for. What things do people most often ask you for help. Or ask people from your prior roles or identities since they knew you when! It may help to get unstuck from your academic identity.
    • Finding your crew – Network so you can get feedback on your CV/ resume. Try to get people in different industries to read it. Or people who have recently gotten a job in industry because things change quickly and CV/resumes have gone through some evolution.
    • Defining your niche – Get specific so you don’t burn out in the process of applying for non-academic jobs. You want to radiate kickass energy and know your stuff when you get to interview!

You need a clever way to showcase your qualifications, and ensure that the hiring managers see the absolute benefits you bring as an academic with a PhD and years of experience.

It’s also important to tell a compelling story that will resonate with hiring managers, but not make you feel like you’re just a zebra changing stripes for each job application.

Because they shouldn’t need to be convinced; they should be singing it from the rooftops for you!

I have created a FREE non-academic CV/resume template guidebook to help you pivot away from academia.

Within the guidebook you will go through the 7 strategies as well as gain these 4 benefits…

    1. Authority – You’ll understand the value of keywords. Keywords show you’re an authority in the industry you are applying to
    2. Impact – You’ll know how to show your value. Industry is often interested in quantifying impact
    3. Structure – You’ll know how to package and structure all of your talents and skills
    4. xplosive Power – Let your AWESOME skills speak for themselves by knowing how to use EFFECTIVE positioning

Download this FREE explosive industry CV/resume template now via

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