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Service Guarantee: I am 100% committed to your transformation. I expect direct and honest feedback from you to help better guide you.


1:1 Coaching Expectations: At our scheduled call, please login to the video meeting platform of The password is Liv3rb!rd2023

We will focus on the goals you would like to achieve. My role as your coach is to provide you the guidance and resources to reach your goals. In doing so, I will be direct and honest.


Online Spotlight Coaching/ Drop-In Office Hours: Drop-in coaching sessions will be scheduled at different times of the week. You can stay for all of it or just hop on to ask your question. Each person will have individualized attention from Luna.

The calendar link is here. The sessions are held at

Note: It's not your password that you use to login.


Clarity Through Movement lessons: These are held at

These are guided movement sessions incorporating breathwork, movement, dance, yoga and body exploration. They are held once per week at different times. These may be recorded if people agree.


Deconditioning Workshops: These are held at

These are guided by Luna and include leaving behind ideas about productivity, success, ambition, & identity and finding a redefinition that aligns with our values! These occur once per month. When possible, these are recorded, subject to agreement by all participants.


Guest Expert sessions: These are held at

Once per month or so, we have a guest expert speaker. Luna will announce them in the group, so stay tuned. Again, follow the LAA events calendar! These are recorded by permission of the speaker. Do not share anything outside of the group.


Contact: Texting via Voxer and email replies within 24 hours.


Cancellation Details of 1:1 sessions: If you can't make an appointment that you've scheduled, please cancel within 24 hours. Frequently missed appointments (over three times) will result in a loss of that service.


Client Expectations:

  • Show up on time and keep the scheduled appointment time.
  • Be present and engaged at our meetings.
  • Complete action items and homework in between sessions.
  • Be committed to your goals at a level similar or greater to my commitment to you.
  • Be completely honest and direct with me. Let me know if something is not going well so I may fix it.
  • You will be 100% responsible for the choices and actions you take.
  • I will be there to create accountability and commitments as well as to be a mentor and advisor, when appropriate.


Confidentiality and Ethics: I will not share your personal information. Everything provided in our coaching relationship will be kept confidential, as laws permit.


How to achieve maximum benefits from the 1:1 coaching:

Choose what you want to focus on prior to our call. You can email me documents prior to the call.

If you are committed to coaching, transformation occurs between coaching sessions by completing tasks and providing important questions and observations.

Your investment in coaching is enhanced when you are completely honest and provide complete information. 


Tax Deductible: Undergoing coaching is tax deductible because it is enhancing your existing job or business!

Coaching Questionnaire


How long have you been in your current profession / academia?
How committed are you to leaving academia?
e.g., clarity
Have you resigned?
I can try to adapt the programme to it
How far are you from reaching your goals?


Submit the results of the quiz below 48 hours prior to our first session. Forward me the email of results at

VIA Survey of Character Strengths (