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Free Resources for Your
Academic Career Pivot

You'll find all the free resources I've created for academics looking to pivot their careers

Mastering Transferable Skills: A PhD Skills Workbook

  • Discover how those hard-earned academic skills are not just relevant but invaluable in various sectors outside academia.
  • Everything from problem-solving to analytical thinking, learn to identify, refine, and pitch your transferable skills in a way that resonates with potential employers.
  • Because what’s been ‘just normal’ for you could be exceptional to hiring managers.
  • Find inspiration and clarity for your preparation to leave academia!
CV template to convert an Academic CV to resume for PhD

Translate Your CV for Alt-Ac Work

  • The most effective methods to create an industry CV/ resume.

  • The common mistakes academics make in crafting their CV.

  • Top recommended ways to identify your strengths.

  • Avoiding the burnout that comes with trying to apply to All. The. Jobs.

  • Network tips to keep you on track with your goals.

  • And the time-keeping secrets to make it all happen!

Hard Truths About Leaving Academia

  • 6 Myths About Pivoting.

  • The Important Truths Underlying Those Myths.

  • Crucial Truths in How to Avoid Pitfalls as You Pivot.

Own Your Own Time

  • on-demand videos with lessons on your priorities, your values, and your time commitment

  • a downloadable workbook with calculator to create your own calendar — unique to your needs, so you can start to shift your career

  • 5 steps to creating your exit plan from academia