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Bring light to the “what next” of 
leaving academia.

Effortless progression from disillusionment to decisive direction


personalized help,

a knowledgeable guide,


Why do this alone?

Bring ease to the job search process

This is the personalised job search package that gives you a strategy with me at your side, co-creating your non-academic CV / resume. PLUS THREE MONTHS' access to the membership community Building Beyond Academia

Luna = Your Project Manager!

You're stuck and have no time to research the 'what next', the how, and your skills have become clouded

You need a holistic assessment of all of your skills, strengths, and talents as well as your soft skills

You need a plan-of-action that keeps your energy going every step of the way! Choices crop up and I help you use strategic methods to decide!

  • Quick Step to Your New Career

    From: £300.00 / month for 2 months

Job Matching

* I guide you to identify the jobs that fit you

Search Terms ID'd

* I identify the effective search terms and build a strategy with you

Use the lingo

* I guide you to use industry keywords so you speak the language

Uncover Forgotten Skills

* I guide you to translate all of your skills

Fire Up Your Edge

* I help you get clear on your strengths and your story - story sells in the interview!

Community Support

* 3 months free access to Building Beyond Academia
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"It was a genius moment when I booked my call with you."

"Thanks so much! I am so grateful to have met you! You are a fantastic coach. I feel better already. And so looking forward for our next meeting"