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  1. We commit to name white supremacy and the impact of racism on both our personal and professional lives. I will acknowledge the omni-present existence of white supremacy and how it operates, particularly in academia.
  2. Our values include anti-racism, feminism, inclusivity of people with disability and neurodiversity. Inclusivity of LGB with the T and Q! Everyone I work with will also hold these values as they constitute human rights.
  3. We continue to invest in anti-racist education and social justice work – doing the internal and external work necessary through activism, reflection, and investing in coaching from coaches from the Global Majority.
  4. We will work toward being a good listener and allowing for feedback to be uncomfortable for in discomfort comes learning! I am very thankful for the people who have helped me learn how to be more inclusive of different styles of learning, respecting people’s pronouns, and creating materials appropriate for ADHD etc.
  5. We will commit to investing a portion of my funds into helping people from the Global Majority. If you need coaching and cannot afford it, let me know. For me, I actively seek out training and reading materials from diverse authors, so I support Black businesses when I can.
  6. We strive for the business to be a safe place for people to unlearn much of what capitalistic and colonialist structures have indoctrinated us with.
  7. Contact info@lunaleadership[dot]com if you have feedback or wish to register a complaint. Luna Leadership will look to educate ourselves on any issues. We appreciate your input!