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Create a new life with freedom, valued contribution, and less stress.

Ditch the academic BS and find a job where you will be appreciated – financially, too – for your damn-valuable skills.

Quick Step to Your New Career

Providing the spark to illuminate your next career path, with financial freedom and fulfillment by creating a 360 degree job search blueprint, CV/ resume crafting for you, LinkedIn, and full clarity by co-creating your new job search strategy with me as your project manager 🙂

Life After Academia

This is the course I wish had been available when I was considering leaving back 5 or 6 years ago! Are you lacking in confidence and feeling like you’ve not done enough? Have you taken a knock and feeling a lack of self-worth due to the way academia has berated you and betrayed you in equal measure? Do you need to recover but also need an expert with a plan of action – CVs, cover letters, interviews etc?  I got you! This is the complete package with 1-2-1 sessions and group sessions and a group discussion forum!!

Luna = Your Job Search Project Manager

Invest in both Life After Academia and Quick Step, where you get all 5 modules, workbooks, group support, as well as Luna’s personalized help with your job search. Your job search will be project managed on Trello with access to Luna via text anytime you have a question. You’ll get a full skills assessments in a 60-90 minute meeting, identify a career direction, and get a CV to resume conversion done for you. You’ll never feel alone!

Many academics come to me thinking they have no skills. My mission is to help academics Break Through… the BS, the glass ceilings, the gatekeeping – anything holding them back from seeing their absolute magnificence.  This is why I create free masterclasses, free resources and I offer to meet with people on free calls.

Together, we can create impact that we couldn’t in the ivory tower!

Building Beyond Academia is the community for academics wanting freedom!

✔️ You could be waking up in the morning with the kind of leisurely time you want, and not panicking about student requests

✔️ You could be heading to a nice sunny beach, carefree and able to feel the warm, white powdery sand give way and surround your toes
✔️ You’ve left your laptop behind, no need to work on a vacation
✔️ You feel safe in the knowledge that work does not own you or your body
✔️ You feel secure and able to provide for your loved ones and furry friends
✔️ You take the day off and hang out with friends you’ve not seen for years, just because you’re no longer working all the hours
✔️ Your creative spirit has experienced rejuvenation and your soul soars with how light it feels, now that the stress has entirely lifted from your neck and shoulders
✔️ You’ve found balance, or if not balance, equilibrium and peace where you can settle into a teetering brink of sleep, not from overtiredness but from an almost divine tranquility
✔️ It’s not an escape, it’s not even walking away from the toxic job – it’s a proud march *toward* a new life!

With a group to support and to provide a sounding board for your ideas, you will hop, skip and jump to a new life – where you will be valued for your skills and where you’ll find freedom from stressful workloads!

Join a group of people who are on a journey of self-discovery, who are inspired by creativity and want to choreograph their life to add more meaning, and rediscover joy!

This online membership, Building Beyond Academia, allows you to discover your purpose, unlearn the toxic indoctrination of academia, and refuse to play by the old rules of success.

Need more info? Check out our most frequently asked questions.