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Hard (and soft) truths about pivoting out of academia

People in academia have told me they have felt disillusioned and have felt like their values are now misaligned with current trends.

If you are a recovering academic wanting to pivot with purpose, without the stress of shapeshifting your skills, then this handbook is an important first step to your journey.

I legitimately woke up after resigning.

As a research psychologist and coach, who left a tenured job after being pushed out, I realized that there was internal work I needed to do, and also an acknowledgement of the pain that was inflicted by the job.

After translating my skills for dozens of jobs afterward and being offered dozens of interviews, I realized that I needed to confront some hard truths about what kind of job I wanted going forward.

I didn’t want to simply translate my skills to slot myself in a job that I didn’t really intentionally choose. 

In this guide, I cover

  • 6 Myths About Pivoting.

  • The Truths Underlying Those Myths.

  • How to Avoid Pitfalls as You Pivot.

I created this guide

  • to help you develop an effective plan for success
  • to help you avoid spending hours researching transferable skills
  • to prevent you from shape-shifting your skills into another career.