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Contract for Grantwriting Services


I. Parties:

This Contract Agreement is made this 29 day of September, 2023 between:


Organization Name ("Client"): Kasa CIC

Contact Name: Louise Taylor, Director

Phone: 07876 708732





Consultant’s Business Name (“Consultant”): Luna Leadership

Address: 54 St James Street, Liverpool, L1 0AB

Phone: 07513017649


Project website:


II. Scope of Services:

Consultant agrees to provide the following services for Client:

  1. Coordinate grant preparation work by reading the scope of the grants outlined in the Proposal.
  2. Compile research data and develop a grant-writing plan.
  3. Review organization materials and research/review other background information to create letters and proposals.
  4. Write and edit proposals with a maximum number of revisions or iterations of ten (10) after the full draft is delivered. Any request for revisions beyond ten (10) will incur a £20 fee per request.
  5. Attend meetings as necessary to accomplish the required work – 4 hours maximum.


NOTE: It is the Client’s responsibility to deliver documents/materials to the Consultant in a timely manner. Late documents may extend the contracted hours and will incur more fees for the Client.


III. Compensation:

The Client agrees to compensate the Consultant at the rate of £40 per hour, as detailed in "Option A: Full-Writing".

Research, crafting, writing, editing and finalising two grant applications to submit in January 20th 2024; this will include 4 hour-long meetings to discuss strategies - estimated 55 hours (1st at 35 hours and each extra at 20 hours) at £40 per hour = £2,200.00

A 50% deposit is due prior to the start of the work. The Consultant will keep careful track of hours spent and will report to the Client if there are any overages that can be used for another project. Time will be rounded to the nearest quarter hour. The final deposit will be due 5 days before submission.

Fees shall be paid to the Contractor within 20 days of receipt of invoice. Statutory Interest of 12% will be added for any payment that is not received within 20 days of the submission of an invoice.


IV. Independent Consultant:

Consultant acknowledges services rendered under this Agreement will be as an independent Consultant. The Consultant is responsible for all tax payments maintaining business insurance and continuing professional development.


V. Confidentiality and Conflicts of Interest:

Both parties agree to strict confidentiality practices. Any conflicts of interest should be reported, if applicable. The Client agrees that the Consultant may perform similar services for others and the current agreement does not prohibit the Consultant from doing so.


VI. Guarantees:

The Consultant has no control over any funds awarded. The Client also recognizes that if grants are received, the Client is responsible for any acknowledgements and reports to funders. If any funding has been requested for the Consultant to write reports or conduct an evaluation, a new contract for this work will be drafted and agreed upon by both parties.

There is no guarantee that any grant will be awarded no matter how compelling and well-written the proposal is. Thus, no guarantee of receipt of funding is implied or promised by the Consultant. Payment is due even if the Client does not submit the proposal or receive a grant.

The Consultant guarantees a well-written proposal.


VII. Limitation of Liability:

The Consultant can not be held responsible for any funds beyond the fees received for the services rendered in the case of any failures occurring in submitting (or not submitting) a proposal. The Consultant will not be liable for any special, incidental, indirect, or consequential damages.

In addition, Consultant and Client recognize that performance of tasks in Section II necessitates communication and information exchange between the parties and with funders, and that delay in completing the tasks may occur if there are delays with information exchange. The Consultant holds no liability for delays caused by the Client.


VIII. Ownership:

The Client owns the intellectual property and any end products produced with the Consultant’s help. The parties should not knowingly infringe on the intellectual property rights of other parties, so the Consultant holds intellectual property rights to any of the tools, documents, or electronic resources that they bring to the project.


IX. Dispute Resolution:

Any concerns about the quality of the proposal should be raised by contacting the Consultant as early as possible in working together. The dates for the delivery of drafts are listed on the Project website noted above. The Consultant will attempt to negotiate with the Client on how to proceed.

If arbitration is required by a third party, both parties will agree to each pay half of the fees.

If it is found that the Consultant committed an egregious error that resulted in non-submission of the proposal, the Client may be entitled to compensation for the fees they paid or partial reimbursement of fees.


X. Term and Termination:

This agreement represents the entire understanding between the two parties, superseding all prior negotiations, discussions, and agreements.

This agreement remains in effect for twelve months, with potential extension or amendment by written agreement. Either party may terminate or renegotiate with 14 days’ written notice.

If the Client terminates, they are required to pay for all hours worked up until the point of termination.

If the Consultant needs to terminate the contract, they will hire a subcontractor with the same level of expertise and for no additional fee for the remainder of the project; this will only take place with prior written permission from the Client. If there is no agreement to hire a subcontractor, the Client will be refunded the fees, minus 10% for administrative fees.

Any amendments to the contract must be in writing and signed by both parties to be valid.

Date / Time


Luna e sigDr Luna Munoz

Founder & CEO of Luna Leadership

29 September 2023