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For Social Enterprises

List of services for Luna Leadership consultancy on mental health and well-being, grant & tender writing, monitoring & evaluation, data insights, report writing, strategic partnerships, workshops & training
If you're a CIC, charity or social enterprise, focused on mental health and wellbeing, having a Big Picture Plan will ensure you can grow and scale. I help you stop being bogged down by the details so you can be more intentional with your big visionary plans!

You don’t have to work yourself into a pretzel to get funding.

As funding becomes more competitive, and funders become more selective, your applications need to read as a sure-bet for funders.
As a result, you need to craft compelling narratives that resonate with funders and donors.
We partner with you to develop a comprehensive evaluation plan that aligns with your program goals and the requirements of funders. This ensures you collect the right data and present it effectively in clear, concise reports.
  • We conduct in-depth research to support your grant proposals and funding strategy. Show the need for your programme and its potential impact, increasing chances of success.
Strategic Planning
  • We develop a tailored funding roadmap to identify the best grant opportunities and create a sustainable funding pipeline for your organisation.
  • We help you articulate your value proposition effectively, resonating with funders and attracting future resources.
 Writing, Evaluation & Impact
  • Expertly crafted proposals that not only secure funding but also showcase your impact and potential for growth. I design and implement rigorous evaluation methods that maximises your impact on funders and decision-makers. This ensures you collect the right data and present it effectively in persuasive reports.

To serve our clients best, we take pride in:

    • getting to know your business,

    • understanding what you do best,

    • exploring how your organisation creates impact (including robust measurement),

Leveraging my PhD in Applied Psychology and experience in health and wellness, I help you craft a grant-ready bid and help you to scale your vision with grant reports and monitoring and evaluation plans.

We can help you to…
identify funding streams 
strategise on the most aligned ones
that allow you to maintain services
and propel you to scale.
We can write the funding applications
and create an evaluation strategy –
Focus groups, surveys, case studies.
We also provide workshops and training!

About Luna

I work with a freelance team of experts in community interventions, research, and wellbeing. Read more about me below...


I have 20+ years of research and evaluation experience - working within government in education, police, departments of health, as well as in schools, prisons, career services, community interventions, and the NHS.

We are keen to support you in your journey!

Expert Strategist

Dr Luna is an award-winning researcher in psychology and mental health, having led the training of 100s of clinical psychology doctoral trainees in reputationally World-Leading Universities.

She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts, recognising those who are having an impact in their communities.

Luna has led large-scale evaluations for multi-million £ investments in community-wide interventions, including Cradle to Career, Troubled Families, & Millennium Birth Cohort studies - the first was funded by the Steve Morgan Foundation.

She has experience and success of National Lottery funding, local council funding and various Trusts throughout the UK. She has supported CICs and charities such as Motherwell, Centre 63, Kasa, and Beautiful New Beginnings.

Save Time by Getting Tailored Lists

We search and scan directories, portals, websites and databases for opportunities tailored to your business needs and service areas.

Increase the Chances of Success with the Right Funders

We then appraise and qualify each opportunity, presenting a curated list for you to track, express an interest and apply.

Pass the First Post

Scoping the remit of the grant, so you’re not tying yourself in a pretzel to match their scope

Demonstrate Your Value

We research available services in your local area to give you a competitive edge.

Watch the Magic Happen

Planning and writing, ensuring each section shows your services as the assets they are – no underselling!

Show Your Impact

Theory of Change – we do the work to show the process (THE SO-WHAT) of what you do

Independent Monitoring of Your Impact

We help you to assess your clients’ journeys to build case studies, assessments, surveys and focus groups – funders love independently conducted evaluations.

Need Gorgeous Graphs?

Excellent proficiency in data analysis and data graphing: time-series charts, full-colour bar graphs, pie charts, and probability analyses.

Start Right to Go Far

We conduct a full project life cycle evaluation from concept to completion.

Production of an End-of-Project or Annual Impact Report for funders, including executive summaries, government reports, data sources and scientific citations.

I can also create and edit videos to share.

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Example Outcome Video — 5 minutes

You need to think about the big picture, study the language funders use, understand how to “sell” your unique selling point, and write your story persuasively.

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