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Translate Your Skills and Land a New Job

CV template to convert an Academic CV to resume for PhD

The Results

“Thank you so much for the template! I’m working my way through and trying to abandon ideas of restructuring an existing one.”

You need to feel that your CV/resume is FIRE so you can also ace the interview!

Academics face unique challenges when they apply for jobs in Alt-Ac or industry settings for several reasons:

All career changers face obstacles but there are several unique obstacles for those stepping out of academia.

  • It’s been a long time since you were on the non-academic job market. It can be overwhelming.

  • You’re not familiar with current AI systems that scan CVs/resumes: ATS. 

  • You don’t know the lingo and jargon of the industry into which you wish to pivot.

  • Translating your skills is difficult.

You need a clever way to showcase your qualifications, and ensure that the hiring managers see the absolute benefits you bring as an academic with a PhD and years of experience.

Because they shouldn’t need to be convinced; they should be singing it from the rooftops for you!



Four Ways This Template Will EXPLODE Your Job Applications!

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You'll understand the value of keywords. Keywords show you're an authority in the industry you are applying to


You'll know how to show your value. Industry is often interested in quantifying impact


You'll know how to package and structure all of your talents and skills


Let your BADASS skills speak for themselves by knowing how to use EFFECTIVE positioning

What's included in the guidebook?

7 Strategies to Ensure Your Non-Academic CV/ Resume Gets You Interviews


  • The most effective methods to create an industry CV/ resume.

  • The common mistakes academics make in crafting their CV.

  • Top recommended ways to identify your strengths.

  • Avoiding the burnout that comes with trying to apply to All. The. Jobs.

  • Network tips to keep you on track with your goals.

  • And the time-keeping secrets to make it all happen!

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