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Life After Academia – Dash(ing)Board


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Own Your Success Story

Rediscover your strengths, skills, and worth

Igniting Your Skills

Translate your skills and articulate your biggest selling points

Confidently position yourself

Craft your story and find your unique selling point

Ditch the Doubt

Find confidence to advocate for YOU and cope effectively

Network & interview like a jefa (boss)

Learn to BLAZE IN, show up, & be yourself without worrying whether they'll like you

Guest Expert Videos

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Sarita Robinson

Founder of Dr Survival

Sarita Robinson talks about starting a side-gig

Joo-Lee Lewis

Founder of Swing Fit

Joo-Lee talks about the 9 things that hold us back from change

Cat Sebastian

Director at Wellcome Trust

Cat talks to us about transitioning to the third-sector as a tenured professor

Paulina Trevena

Founder of No Woo Woo

Academic-turned-hypnotherapist, Paulina, talks to us about breaking free of a fixed identity

Gillian Johnston

Founder of Someday Starts Today

Gill talks to us about recovering from grief

Nyna Caputi

Recognised LinkedIn Architect

Nyna talks to us about how to optimize our LinkedIn profile for networking

Monica Gonzalez-Marquez

Creator of an Open Science Framework called Helio

Monica talks to us about selling your big idea and creating a network

Yvette Cirule

Heal Your Life

Yvette led an amazing session on self-love and self-care