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Membership for Recovering Academics

How would it feel to join a group of like-minded folks on the same academic pivot journey? A group of smart people who believe academia no longer holds the intellectual wonders we were sold – at least not without swallowing the Kool Aid along with it!

This is a community for academics who want to break free of the cult of academia, recover from burnout, and start to design their work around the way they want to live!

  • You get all of the tools to make that happen and with a group of people on the same journey.

Leaving academia and healing from the disillusionment takes time and it’s common to experience grief and uncertainty.   The rose-tinted glasses lose their tint. The show stops and the curtain comes down and you realise none of the promises were real.

Academics tell me it’s such a betrayal and an adjustment and there is so much fear of “what’s next” … whether it can even be better out there.

This membership is a space for joy, fun and recovery … ultimately FREEDOM.

  • You will also work on your story, a reinvention of who you are and what you have to offer,
  • And how to articulate and sell your skills on a CV, resume, cover letter, or business proposal or website.

You are supported to create a new career – be a leader in your industry, build a business, etc – where you can be intentional, building success with more ease!

You will have a decisive direction and a courageous escape!

✨ Rediscover your strengths and skills and what brings you into a state of flow —  never compromise on your impact and creativity.

✨ Become confident in saying “no” to both the working conditions and the toxic mindset that academia left you with.

✨ Create an easy self-confidence by articulating your talents.

✨ Create a business strategy, knowing what you can offer, how to price your services, marketing and niching your service.

✨ Get a CV/resume/business plan audit with Luna and a 1:1 Power Hour to make it more effective!

Doors are now OPEN!

Complete the Application below and we can meet to see if this is right for you!

The current investment is $500 USD for 6 months.

Release the BS academia sold you, and tap into your creativity and your powerful self!

Rediscover your purpose, values and worth
Translate your skills and strengths and leverage them in a new industry
Identify your ideal lifestyle and design work around it
Create a business that lets you be free
Learn to BLAZE IN, show up, & be yourself without worrying whether they'll like you

I’m on a mission to help mid-career academics to tune out the messaging that they’re not good enough, and instead get paid for their damn-valuable skills.

Helping them find and pivot to careers with less stress and more fulfilment.

Lead from the heart without giving all of your love to your work, because we are more than our careers!

  • Take back control of your valuable knowledge and experiences.
  • Build your own businesses while not burning out in the process.
  • Lead a team without feeling unsure or insecure in your new role.

This is an empowering membership plan where you get to…


✨ Join a badass group of Women of Colour and Allies who are unapologetic in their power.

✨ Express your valuable skills for the FIRE they are.

✨ Figure out what truly matters and do more of it.

✨ Speak your power confidently and build a vision for a fulfilling career.

✨ Maintain resilience in the face of <waves hands> all of this.

✨ Create new ideas and ways of working while rejecting old ones that no longer serve you.

Regain confidence, heal from your burnout and break free of the academic mindset, to be comfortable taking up space!



Building Beyond Academia is the membership mentoring program for recovering academics.

📑 Five learning modules for building a business and attracting director-level jobs (CV/Resumes, Skills Translations, Business Proposals, Attracting Ideal Clients, Business Strategy)

⏰ 2x per month, you get spotlight mentoring and coaching meetings with Luna with a 2-hour call

💬 Private Slack / Facebook group for support from a community

📣 Transformational content by guest experts – monthly

🤸‍♀️ Clarity through bodily movement/awareness sessions – weekly

✨ Healing and unlearning workshops that put all of the BS we were fed on a f**k-off rocket – monthly

💻 One-on-one coaching: get my eyes on your CV/resume/cover letter/business plan and we’ll strategize on how to make it SHINE in a 1:1 call.

Complete the application below to register your interest.


How much time will I have with Luna?

The semi-monthly mentoring sessions are live with Luna- you’re guaranteed to be in the spotlight so I can help you with practical advice. The weekly physical movement sessions are also done live with Luna. And I host live monthly sessions on a topic on thriving or building – the last ones were on flowing in your new career and on using AI. You also have my help in the Slack group, where I check on the questions that are raised everyday.

What happens if I can't commit to attend live?

There are many members who cannot attend live. Almost all of the sessions are recorded unless there is personal information shared in a session that precludes sharing it. Don’t worry, you can always catch up with the recording or the slides.

Is there a minimum commitment?

With the monthly investment, there is a 6 month minimum commitment. This is because the lessons and other content can take some time to work through. You will also get a lot out of the guest sessions, the spotlight mentoring with Luna, and I’d love for you to attend some movement/dance sessions. 🙂

The yearly investment has no minimum commitment.

What are the timings of the sessions?

I vary the timing of the sessions based on the time zones of my current clients and their wishes for certain times. Most of my clients are in North America and Europe, so sessions take place to accommodate these. However, I do have Australian members and I accommodate them with early morning sessions or late evening sessions.

How is this different from your other services?

I created this membership to give people options. This membership program requires that you spend some time on self-guided activities. The self-guided content on the web platform has activities, workbooks, videos, step by step guides and examples. These have helped 100s of academics to success in business and in getting jobs.

If you would like more individualized support with my eyes on everything you produce, I have one-on-one coaching bundles, and I have a mentoring program called Life After Academia

What happens once I apply?

  1. I will read your application
  2. I will send you an email with the payment link
  3. Once you’ve paid, you’ll receive the invitation to join Slack
  4. You’ll be given a link to your PRIVATE Profile page and BBA Dashboard on where all of the lessons and video recordings can be accessed. You’ll also find the calendar of events on the dashboard.
  5. You’ll have access to the BONUS downloads and courses, if applicable
  6. You’ll come to the next Guest Expert session LIVE. It will be recorded and shared in case you can’t make it live.
  7. You’ll be welcomed warmly with a whole host of other academics!

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