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START HERE! Rediscover your purpose, values and worth
Translate your skills and strengths and leverage them in a new industry
Identify your ideal lifestyle and design work around it
Create a business that lets you be free
Learn to BLAZE IN, show up, & be yourself without worrying whether they'll like you

Guest Expert Videos

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Dr Sarita Robinson

Sarita Robinson

Founder of Dr Survival

Sarita Robinson talks about 1) starting a side-gig and 2) resilience
Monica Gonzalez-Marquez

Monica Gonzalez-Marquez

Creator of an Open Science Framework called Helio

Monica talks to us about selling your big idea and creating a network
Nyna Caputi

Nyna Caputi

Recognised LinkedIn Architect

Nyna talks to us about how to optimize our LinkedIn profile for networking
Dr Jennifer Beech

Jennifer Beech

Freelance as B-side Learning Ltd

Jennifer Beech introduces us to Instructional Design
Download the slides
Dr Aditya Mahara

Aditya Mahara

Creator of PhD to Industry

Dr Aditya Mahara introduces us to his 4 step process in transitioning to industry and finding your translatable skills, particularly in profit-generating companies in health tech
Download the slides
Picture of light skinned chicana doctora Yvette Martinez-Vu with her smiling and picture decorated with gold glitter

Yvette Martinez-Vu

Founder of Grad School Femtoring

We are thrilled to have Yvette Martínez-Vu
as our 4th guest speaker in Building Beyond Academia

Her session on sustainable productivity will explore new ways of defining productivity and success outside of external notions and in ways that align with our identities and values

Give feedback to access the slides
Picture of Chanel Morales, light dark skinned, curly haired woman smiling with a gold glitter circle to frame her

Chanel Morales

Online Business Coach and Founder of Nourished

Chanel Morales talks about the foundations for starting an online or offline business
Marie-Claire Professional Rebel

Marie-Claire Ashcroft

Professional Rebel - Coach

Marie-Claire gives us a fun way to look at our self-concept and empowers us to change the lens through which we see ourselves. And we get to decorate pants!
Hannah Walker photo with her smiling in a fedora and yellow turtleneck

Hannah Walker

Sales Consultant

Hannah Walker spoke about "Falling In Love With Sales". She discussed money mindsets and sales. She trained as an engineer, then worked in tech R&D / product development for Siemens, and now is a sales consultant.
Picture of Gabrielle Filip-Crawford PhD

Gabrielle Filip-Crawford

Founder Recovering Academics

Gabrielle talks about identity shifts, the cult of academia and being a recovering academic

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