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My teen would always make these quizzes and then send them to me to fill out to see whether I knew them well or not

I’ve made a quiz on whether you’re ready to leave academia:

1. You have become aware of the misalignment between your dream of academia versus the reality

2. You’re ready to align your work with your values, so you can have meaningful or fulfilling work most days

3. You have come to terms with not fitting in academia – that the systems don’t seem to cater for your needs or your strengths

4. You’re done attempting to get a permanent academic job/ tenure track/ reliable work

5. You have had it with witnessing the exploitation of workers

6. You have a hard time seeing the benefits of academia anymore

7. You no longer feel academia is a place for innovation, bold exploration, and discovery

8. You have ambitions to make a societal impact that is not possible within academia

9. You feel you deserve more joy, balance, and meaning and you believe it’s NOT possible to have those within academia

10. You can’t unsee the structural issues that need to be addressed for women and POC to thrive (colonial values such as “lone genius”, status, elitism, specialist experts, independence, leadership (defined narrowly), and productivity in numbers not quality)

If you answered YES or TRUE to 6 or more of the above, you should talk to me … it’s all very scientific with good psychometric validity haha!

Would you add any more items to the quiz?

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