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For Mid-Career Academics:

Dare to Align Your (Next) Career to a Joyful Lifestyle

Luna is the go-to career coach for mid-career academics ditching the academic pipeline and dismissing the doubt, getting clear on what they want and wielding confidence to get it.

I work with big visionaries! People who envision more but are trapped in self-doubt. You might not be a firm believer now, but you see possibility for change in your periphery. Focus on it and set your compass to a life of harmony!

For Universities:

Staff and students can be more resilient and productive, improving progression, with coaching. I provide skills-training and developmental progression for your students and academic staff particularly with goal-setting, well-being, confidence, self-awareness, clarity, as well as developing leadership skills. I have over 15 years of experience in higher education as a Lecturer and Chair of Personal Tutoring & Academic Coaching  (2007-2021), Deputy Director of PGR students, Lead of Widening Participation, Student Belonging (2016-2021).

I’m a recognized Fellow of the Higher Education Academy and a Fellow of the The Royal Society of Arts as well as a member of Association for Coaching. My roles in these esteemed institutions highlight my commitment to social good and service to communities.

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CIC, Charities & Social Enterprises:

My mission is to equip the changemakers of the world with knowledge and tools to make a difference.

You want…

  • To make a difference but need funds to make it happen
  • To submit grants without burning out
  • To achieve growth because there is a need in your community
  • Support in applying for funding and everything in between – scoping available grants, planning for long-term sustainability, etc,

If your charitable work is in the UK and your work has an impact on wellbeing …


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Years Developing Academic Coaching Programmes
brown hair latina with light skin under a Paris bridge - Luna's a former academic (professor) of 20 years who quit academia to be a career clarity coach for mid-career lecturers, post-docs, professors who want a better life by leaving academia. Luna is in a 3 piece coral-colored suit and a huge smile while kicking the air playfully

Luna Leadership gives you the tools to design a working style in a new industry or in your own business that allows autonomy and creativity, while creating meaningful impact in the world

Your motivation to leave will increase after listening 😉

  • What if when you wake up to the toxic reality, you’re able to turn anger into courage, and cash out the bet you’d made on academia so you can thrive in something new
  • With the rabble rebels in my world, we now can express our free, funky, joyful selves with no fear!

Dare to dance in the moonlight as the academic era dims and establish a meaningful career with clarity and purpose. 

No matter how “established” you are in academia, you’ve got less flexibility, less power to effect change, and you’re not able to do the work you love!

Plus, you feel less and less valued every day!

I’ve shed the academic identity and I’m not itching to adopt a new box, are you?

Well then, my fellow disruptors:

Do you want to unleash your bold and creative selves, own your worth, & radiate badass energy so you position yourself as a leader in a new industry? Join me and my co-conspirators!

We’re here to lift each other up and no longer wait for some company or industry to provide us with work that we’re told will be paid in love-for-the-work. No, thanks!

If you want to build your own business or pivot your career with more freedom, meaning and joy, you first need to…

Get clear on what you want and use a step-by-step strategy to achieve it

Embrace your powerful self by deconditioning yourself from imposter syndrome and self-doubt

Align work with a fulfilling lifestyle by owning your worth & your valuable contribution

Masterfully position and articulate your skills as the gems they are!

Luna Clara is the Queen of Illumination, helping you find clarity with lots of joy and light, while giving you a step-by-step plan to pursue your chosen career or business, articulating your skills for new markets with all the career-success tools such as CVs/resumes/cover letters/interviews.
While building your confidence, challenging your self-doubt, activating your self-efficacy, and showcasing your badass skills!
The Monthly Membership

Building Beyond Academia

This is for academics wanting to dismiss the doubt & finally scratch the itch to ditch the academic pipeline! Prioritizing joy and balance while building a new career/business.

📑 Five learning modules for building a business and attracting director-level jobs

💻 Fortnightly spotlight mentoring and coaching meetings with Luna – drop in office hour

💬 Slack group for support from a community

📣 Transformational content by guest experts – monthly

🤸‍♀️ Clarity through bodily movement/awareness sessions – weekly

✨ Healing and unlearning workshops that put all of the BS we were fed on a f**k-off rocket – monthly



The ULTIMATE Mentoring Program

Life After Academia

Discover your damn-valuable skills; Dare to be a bold you; Define your success; Design work around a fulfilling life

All with clarity and purpose!

🖊 Weekly tailored and personalized action points for guidance on your journey

💻 Three one-on-one coaching sessions with Luna

⏰ Three drop-in online office hours per week with Luna

💬 Private Voxer texting access for the group

📑 Five self-guided modules; step-by-step processes for all things related to a successful career pivot – including CVs/resumes, interviews, & healing from trauma, imposter syndrome, and cultivating your confidence.

📣 Transformational content by guest experts – monthly – all recorded!

🤸‍♀️ Clarity through bodily awareness sessions – weekly

✨ Healing and unlearning workshops that put all of the BS we were fed on a f**k-off rocket – monthly

$332/mo for 5 months


I'm really amazed that I'm just a few weeks out from leaving my job, and I have zero reservations, zero fear. And I expected that when I was at this point, I would be freaking out. So it's very just gives me so much peace to know that I made the right decision and I had help making it and navigating the reality of it. And so thank you for that.

Shannon PeliniProfessor who transitioned to Real Estate Investor

The Pivot with Purpose Programme has been a big help in reflecting on what a meaningful career entails. Luna's prompts were always on point, helped me when I felt stuck and inspired me to look at my values and strengths from a different perspective. Entering the job market outside of academia now, I feel much more structured and focused. Luna is full of advice and inspiration, and such fun to work with! I'd definitely recommend her course to anyone who is struggling with making their next career move.

Teresa Lappe-OsthegePost-doc transitioned to Senior Consultant on Environment and Society

Dr. Luna has an incredible ability to listen, understand, and offer clear guidance toward career goals.
She has a wealth of knowledge and experience, and her passion for helping others is evident in everything she does.
She is an invaluable asset to anyone looking to fulfill their potential, and take their career to the next level.

Ecija Blašković VondračekLab Technician now Project Manager

Luna is the energy someone needs after getting a rejection from the "perfect job"!
I recommend Luna because there isn't a challenging job situation that she hasn't been able to tackle. And she creates an environment of trust between herself and her clients. The fact that she focuses on professionals with academic background is a game changer - previous personal experience from services with mediocre to disappointing results and no experience of the job market and support for professionals with academic background. She does stand out, constantly adds to her versatility and capability to support and shares her positive energy generously.
Definitely very happy to have worked with her. We prepared the application one week and the next I got an interview and the job all within 10 days.

Panagiota AxelithiotiTemporary lecturer now PDRA Equality, Diversity, Inclusion & Accessibility in Science

Luna is very insightful and she can easily understand the needs of her clients. She is very good at combining practical advice while always keeping in the centre of the discussion her clients values and priorities. Going beyond "fixing your cv into a resume" Luna can actually support her clients into a meaningful transition. Do not escape from your jobs! Put yourselves and your needs on the forefront in creating a new path. I absolutely recommend Luna as a coach!

Alexandra BousiouPDRA now Senior Research and Innovation Advisor

I'm already noticing the results as I've had the privilege of connecting with remarkable individuals who've shared their journeys and have been a wellspring of inspiration and knowledge.
This is also the result of being ready to receive the guidance of my awesome career coach, Luna Clara Muñoz guidance of my awesome career coach, Luna Clara Muñoz, PhD FRSA, which has made all the difference (we're not alone on this; I totally recommend getting yourself a transitioning career coach as awesome as mine). I now wholeheartedly believe that my moment for a fantastic job opportunity is coming.
Believe me, however long it takes, reclaim yourself. Otherwise, academia will continue to rule over your life.
The world does shine brighter and fuller when your inner academic tyrant no longer resides rent-free in your mind and body.

Deida Perea

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